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Executive Mentoring and Coaching for Nigerian NGOs


The success of the Nigerian NGO sector depends substantially on the quality of its leadership. The communities we serve vary widely and are rapidly changing. In these extraordinary times of constant change, Nigerian NGOs must be able to exercise effective leadership at both the organizational and community level. Not-for-profits in Nigeria must therefore equip themselves with a talent pool of capable leaders who are skilful, creative, forward thinking and efficient.


The Nigeria Network of NGO’s Executive Mentoring and Coaching initiative is a comprehensive approach to equip leaders within the 3rd sector in Nigeria with the right set of skills to manage challenges and opportunities by leveraging expert knowledge and finding new ways of achieving effectiveness. This initiative aims to through mentoring and coaching facilitate exclusive learning opportunities for NGO leaders in order to influence their organizational mission accomplishment, outcomes and operational strategies.


Over the course of the year, NNNGO will attach NGOs to carefully selected professionals locally and abroad who will mentor and coach Nigerian NGOs. The initiative will also feature specifically designed leadership learning resources, engagement with thought leaders to develop solutions to organizational and sectoral challenges, and the promotion of peer connectedness.




Mentees are selected from the NNNGO membership and attached to well sought-out sector leaders who are professionals and brands in their own rights. For a period of 3 months, 10 selected NGOs will undergo direct mentoring and coaching including visits by Mentors to their offices where possible. Workshops and thought leadership seminars will also form a part of the mentoring and coaching process. The first batch of this initiative is expected to start in June and end in August. The 2nd batch is expected to be from October to December 2015.




Participants in the mentoring and coaching programme will be leaders of small and medium sized NGOs within the membership of the Nigeria Network of NGOs. We will aim, through this initiative to build a pool of NGO leaders who represent the diversity of our sector spanning a range of gender-based, geographic and organizational characteristics. Participants demonstrate that they can exercise leadership in a range of contexts.


The selection criteria will encompass the following:

1. Be employed as Senior Executive or Founder of a NNNGO member organization at the time of application
2. Be available to participate in all elements of the program
3. Participant organization must have an established track record of impact and contribution to the community or sector they serve
4. Demonstrate a commitment to advancing personal growth and development
5. Commit to send to NNNGO a monthly report detailing their experience within the programme


Selection Process


In order to ensure equal opportunity a strict deadline for the submission of applications will be enforced. An online application form will be created and circulated widely amongst the NNNGO membership. Applications will be reviewed by the NNNGO Secretariat with the support of carefully selected sector leaders. Only selected participants will be contacted directly. The selection committee will be lead by NNNGO’s Membership Manager. NNNGO’s Executive Director will not play any role in the selection process.



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