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Practical Guide on Writing Annual Reports For Nonprofits

This guide has been developed to help nonprofits who are new to writing annual reports to easily get the process started while staying transparent. If properly done, annual reports are an important tool for keeping stakeholders informed about your activities and to keep them engaged. Developed based on our experience at the Nigeria Network of NGOs, this guide offers information on how to plan and create valuable engaging annual report that you can submit to regulators and one that your friends, donors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders would want to read.

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  1. yet to really understand the guide

  2. This guide really was timely and helped as were working on our organizational 2018 Annual report

    1. We are glad we could help sir! More to come this year, please follow us @nnngo for more updates.

  3. Thank you NNNGOs for this valuable tool.

  4. Thank you NNNGOs for this valuable tool.

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