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insight from CIVIL SOCIETY suggested amendments to the part C of CAMA

The Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO) is the first generic membership body for civil society organizations in Nigeria that facilitates effective advocacy on issues of poverty and other developmental issues.


For 25 years, we have worked to give non-profits in the country the needed support to keep their doors open
and to serve millions of communities, families, individuals and variety of causes that critically need their
intervention. As of June 2017, we have a membership of over 2,400 organisations. In 2016 alone, 442 of these
organisations had a combined budget estimate of over 1billion Naira (N1, 033, 000,000)


This document concentrates on the amendments our membership is suggesting to the Part C of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA). These suggestions are informed by the NNNGO’s specialist knowledge of the non-profit sector as well as by non-state actors who deliver development outcomes to communities throughout the Federation.


Download the document here

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