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State Team Lead, Adamawa: USAID State2State) DAI

State Team Lead, Adamawa:

Organization: USAID State2State) DAI

Posted: 24 Feb 2022 Closing date: 11 Mar 2022


Position Objectives:

The State Team Lead is a critical technical and management staff. S/he provides day-to-day leadership and management to the state project interventions. S/he will develop strong relationships with government and relevant counterparts to move State2State activities forward successfully. S/he will oversee the state-based teams and activities, ensuring the highest quality implementation. S/he will support technical activities, such as: assist partners develop and implement their own budget transparency plans. S/he will facilitate regular meetings with the private sector, state procurement agencies, and MDAs to improve transparency and expand bidders. S/he will review state-level performance against work plans, the Nigerian budget cycle, and other relevant factors; identify performance gaps; adjust programming approaches and supports; and schedule and coordinate input and support as needed. S/he will ensure strong, ongoing coordination with cross-cutting State2State teams, such as MEL and GESI. S/he will support the approval and development of a Transformation Committee (TC), aimed to design and oversee the implementation of annual sector-based reform plans. S/he will assist the TC to develop an overall M&E strategy to support service delivery and governance improvements by identifying evidence needs, including gender analysis, capacities, system requirements, and roles and functions. S/he, with the support of experienced Nigeria consultants, will initiate the Political Economy Analysis. S/he will work with state governments to begin a tailored design process to adopt innovations through a Best Fit Clearing House, incorporate the transfer design into the state’s annual work plan.



The State Team Lead serves as the principal point of contact in the state for technical and operational matters, serving as the key staff facilitating activities, and develops and maintains positive relationships with keys stakeholders. This role oversees a state-based team that will manage outreach, support activities, and handle the development and monitoring of grants. This role spearheads state work plans and interventions ensures timely and appropriate state interventions, and provides task oversight to ensure high quality implementation within the state.

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